First Ladies Luncheon/Health Day-May. 20, 2012

Two years ago, Walgreens partnered with the Chicago Department of Public Health, the AIDS Foundation of Chicago and NBC5 Chicago to host an HIV/AIDS Luncheon and Symposium that was a first in the city of Chicago. Nearly one hundred minister’s wives from eleven different denominations came together at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel to gain information about the HIV epidemic in Chicago, hear testimonies of persons living with AIDS, and learn how they could prevent the spread of HIV in their church congregations and the community.

The 2010 First Ladies Luncheon, which was held on June 4, 2010, at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, sparked an idea of a state-wide health day focusing on health prevention. The First Ladies Health Day took place on September 26, 2010. The goal of the First Ladies Health Day was to administer health (blood pressure and HIV) screenings to over 1000 people at churches within the Chicagoland area. Walgreens and Illinois Department of Public Health partnered with us to deliver health screenings. We not only reached our goal, but we surpassed it! We were able to administer health screenings to over 10,000 people in Chicago on that day.

The 2012 First Ladies Luncheon, which will be held on May 20, 2012 at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, will continue with a state-wide health day that focuses on health prevention. To RSVP for the luncheon, send your response to or call 312-532-0585. This invitation is exclusive to first ladies of churches, and is not transferrable. The First Ladies Health Day is scheduled for May. 20, 2012. The goal of the First Ladies Health Day is to promote healthy living in 100 churches within the Chicagoland area. Health organizations can participate in the First Ladies Health Day by providing the following:

If your company or organization would like to participate in the 2012 First Ladies Health Day, please contact Amanda Askew at 312-532-0585 or

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We have extensive experience in advertising which has garnered many long-standing relationships. These relationships provide extra value when executing successful programs and promotions. Using creative ingenuity and close ties with radio stations, businesses and the community, Danielle Ashley creates and executes attention-grabbing promotions and tie-ins that will get you noticed and generate results.


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We provide an array of services for local and national events, including: pre-planning - creating the concept, developing sponsorship packages, staffing and producing award-winning booths, coordinating logistics/securing locations, obtaining appropriate permits and vendors, equipment, entertainment and catering. Our successful events have ranged from local community events to on-stage concert promotions.

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At Danielle Ashley, we believe the foundation of a marketing campaign is bolstered by sound research that includes exploration of industry developments and public opinion. We systematically gather pertinent data, conduct market research, assess news and monitor public policy and legislative initiatives.

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